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The Drum Room KOBE™ (DRK) is a studio only for music lessons and production, located in Kobe, Japan, and managed by drummer, composer, Tomo Suzuki a.k.a. Soopy.
We mainly introduce his drum lessons on this website.

Exteror of The Drum Room KOBE
Equipments in the Studio


Available for beginners (inexperienced person) to experts, and all ages/gender. 

The instructor advises you from different angles, from basic techniques to advanced ones.

There are lots of play-along tracks, so you can improve your own playing skills while having fun.
Currently, several foreigners living in Japan have been attending our drum lessons.

Example of a Usual Lesson

Basics <First half of the lesson>
Grip / Strokes / Shift Exercises /
Drum Rudiments / How to Play the Pedals /
Coordination between Hands and Feet etc.
Learning Material: DRK Original Method

Practical Use <Second half of the lesson>
Grooves/Patterns for Various Musical Genre such as
Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin (Using Play-along Tracks) /
Fill-in & Drum Solo (Improvisation) etc.
Learning Material: Various Famous Drum Method

Features of DRK

Drum Lessons for Kids

Professional Equipments

We provide the lessons using real acoustic drums, not electric drums or instruments that have a sound-muffling mechanism.


A small-sized drumset is also available.

We also have drumsticks for kids, so our environment enables them between the ages of 3 to 10 years old to take lessons without any stress.

Flexible Schedule

The instructor adjusts the lesson schedule manually every month based on your request.
No need to pay the cancellation fee if you cancel the lesson until two days before.

soopy - wallpaper


Tomo Suzuki a.k.a. Soopy

Drummer, Percussionist, Composer

Soopy is from Kobe, Japan.
He was learning piano when he was a little child, but converted to drums at age 10.
After that, he also started other percussion.
He has experienced various genres, for example, rock, jazz, marching and classic, since his student days.
At the age of 16, he appeared in the drum instruction DVD of Kozo Suganuma who is the representative drummer of Japan, as a guest.
He moved his own activity base to near Tokyo, and started his career as a professional when he was around 20 years old.


In 2010, Soopy won second place in PAS International drumset competition (R&B, Funk, Gospel category) of PASIC 2010 (in Indianapolis, IN, USA).
After returning to his hometown Kobe at the end of 2015, he continues to get involved actively in his own way, such as releasing an album nationwide from his own project, taking part in TV commercial songs on his other project, and touring internationally.
His first solo drum work "10,000 days" released on the web in 2018 was also spread by the official SNS accounts of the global drum magazine "Modern Drummer", and brought great response.


Soopy's drum lessons, seminars and workshops he runs at times receive a good reputation.
He also gives lectures to the professionals.
He is an official endorser of Pearl Drums/Percussion, SABIAN Cymbals, REMO Drumheads and Vic Firth Drumsticks.

Tomo Suzuki a.k.a. Soopy

photo by maico hara
special thanks to Hyogo Pref. Museum of Art

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Trial Lesson

30 min: ¥2,400    60 min: ¥4,400

*30 min course is only available for kids under 10.

*Only one lesson per person (it is not possible to take this when you re-enroll in the studio).

Entrance Fee


*Required even when you re-enroll in the studio.

Regular Lesson

30 min: ¥4,800    60 min: ¥8,800

*30 min course is only available for kids under 10.

Recording Service

120 min: ¥17,600

*You can check a sound sample here. Please contact us for the details.

Various Payment Methods Available

​*Click (or tap) here to see the details

• All the above-mentioned fees include taxes and the lesson fees also include venue rental fees.

• Please pay the fee for each lesson on the lesson day.

• The display time includes the one needed for the payment or preparation, so we usually finish the lesson several minutes ahead of time.

• The minimum number of lessons is one per month (please ask us for details). No more than 5 times per month is allowed.



4-5-3-1 Shinkaichi, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo 652-0811, Japan

2 min walk from Shinkaichi Sta. of Hankyu, Hanshin, Kobe-Dentetsu Line
7 min walk from Kobe Sta. of JR Line 
8 min walk from Minatogawa-Koen Sta. of Kobe Municipal Subway

Free Bicycle Parking Space Available

*Please use a coin-parking lot if you come by your own car



We accept inquiries or application for the trial lesson with this online form or LINE Official Account.
Please feel free to contact us.

If you cannot receive an email from us within 2 business days, please resend this form after confirming your email address.

Thank you for submitting!

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We will respond within 2 business days.

The Drum Room KOBE

4-5-3-1 Shinkaichi, Hyogo-ku, Kobe

Weekdays 14:00-22:00 / Weekend & Holiday 10:00-19:00
(Closed: Thursday and Friday)

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